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Are You Using Facebook? Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should!

  1. Your customers and future customers are on Facebook!  Facebook has over 2.7 billion users.  It is estimated that about 70% of all adult Americans use Facebook and about 75% of those users are on every day.  With Facebook, you have instant access to the audience you’re wanting to reach!
  2. Using Facebook helps you create brand awareness!  When you build a Facebook business page, you have the opportunity to not only create brand recognition, but brand awareness.  You can clearly represent your company with logo, products and services, but beyond that you can help people understand who you are.  When you tell your story and create compelling content, you begin to build rapport with your audience and create interest and awareness beyond just name recognition.
  3. You can build community around your focus of business!  On Facebook, you can join and start groups that are in your local community or have a niche target interest.  Don’t just post about your business, though; engage content that is meaningful for your audience.  Interact and participate with other businesses and individuals.  Share links and boost other group members.  Personalize yourself and your business and build relationships.
  4. Offer information in a format that is easy for people to consume!  Facebook gives you the platform to deliver content and information to people in a way that is convenient and attractive.  Use attention-grabbing photos, informative short videos, Facebook Live, and user-friendly content in bite-size pieces that is appealing to your audience!
  5. Get in front of your clients and customers every day! You can stay in your audience’s view consistently. Easily keep your customers up to date on new products or events. Draw your audience in by posting regularly with great content and customer interaction.
  6. Your followers will market for you!  When your followers appreciate your content, they will share and spread your brand for you.  This requires intentionality in content posts and participation, but Facebook shares by satisfied and involved customers speak volumes to future customers
  7. Facebook is easy to use and mobile!  Market, post, respond and analyze from anywhere!  Being able to stay on top of your marketing at any time is a real advantage!
  8. It’s simple to set up a call to action! – A clear call to action encourages people to take the next step, ranging from checking out your website or attending an event to reading an article.  These are tangible steps your audience can take towards becoming a customer or getting involved.  On Facebook, it’s easy to set up a call to action and it’s simple to respond! 
  9. Facebook makes it easy to provide excellent customer service!  This is a day and age where a quick response time is essential.  Facebook allows your audience to ask questions and engage you directly.  You have the ability to address comments and questions instantly, which builds customer loyalty!
  10. It’s free!  You can always pay for additional advertising and marketing add-ons, but Facebook has a wealth of free marketing tools to help you!  You can analyze your followers, determine when they are most frequently on Facebook, and learn basic information on who they are.  There are tools to analyze the reach of your posts, what content is shared the most, and so much more!  These are totally free analytics to help you market and reach your intended audience and future customers!

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